Viennese Escargots – Gugumuck

"Escargots should be given back the high esteem they once had in the kitchen."
"We are dedicated to innovative and sustainable agriculture."
"We are bringing tradition and innovation together to create something new."
"Join us for a tour or a tasting at the Gugumuck Farm."
"The Gugumuck Farm has been a family business for many generations."


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  • Bistro

    • Actually the Bistro is closed
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  • The cozy Bistro with a view of the farm and snail field.

    Farm Bistro

    You can enjoy fresh escargot not only at fine restaurants, but also at our Farm Bistro – with a view of the farm and the snail field. Chef Dominik Hayduck cooks a different 6-course meal for bistro guests each month.

    The Bistro seats about 28 and is only open 3 Fridays a month, so it is highly recommended to make an early reservation.

    You can find our current menu and make a reservation here.

    Andreas Gugumuck out on the field


    We have been successfully breeding vineyard snails on our vegetable field in Rothneusiedl in the south of Vienna since 2008. Our snail farm shows the way to a new kind of agriculture. Unlike conventional meat production, snails can be produced using very few resources. The animals live naturally, free-range, and feed on locally grown vegetables and herbs. If you listen closely, you can even hear the snails licking their chops while they munch! Guided tours of the snail fields are available from May to October.

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