Viennese Escargots – Gugumuck


Experience Gugumuck


Guided tours of the snail field are available from May to October. Andreas Gugumuck will show you how the snail farm works and talk about his visionary Future Food concepts. A tour costs ‚ā¨19.- per person and includes a tasting of Vienna Escargot gratin with herb butter and a glass of wine (Wiener Gemischter Satz) or non-alcoholic beverage

We also gladly offer special tours for groups of 20 or more. Please contact us for more information.



A tour with Andreas Gugumuck


You can rent our Farm Bistro for private or business events with friends or colleagues and enjoy our delicious culinary specialities.

Surprise your guests with your own very special event and unique escargot catering!


Escargot catering at the DAC Ball at the Vienna Hofburg


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