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Snails contain one of the most valuable substances for healing skin and repairing blemishes. Snail filtrate is an effective natural healing agent that helps relieve wrinkles, scars, and signs of aging skin, making your skin feel like new. Snail filtrate stimulates your body’s own production of collagen and elastin in the skin, improving your skin’s tone and clarity, and activating cell renewal. Let yourself in for a surprise!


Our first customers are already thrilled with the results.

Snail filtrate is especially effective in minimizing wrinkles. Snail filtrate will rejuvenate your skin. Irritated skin layers are repaired and fresh new cells begin to grow. Snail filtrate helps shed dead skin scales due to its keratolytic effect, and can also help heal first-degree burns. Filtrate creams act as an antibiotic against acne and can also be used as for peeling.

We use 100% snail secretion for our products, which are applied to the skin as a foam for best results.

Test it yourself! Arrange a sample treatment in our cosmetic studio under and let yourself be amazed.

Also effective against pubescent acne

What’s in the snails mucus

  • Proteases: It reduces the likelihood that new blood vessels are damaged beside the furtherance of the deposition by collagen in the layer of the arteries.
  • Fibrinolytic enzymes: Cleans micro-capillaries, the food and oxygen care of the cells and repairs injured fabrics.
  • Natural antibiotics: Works against fungal infestation and bacteria which remain on the skin like acne and scales.
  • Allantoin: Stimulates the cell proliferation and the reconstruction of injured fabric. In some preparations, it’s used to treat ulcers, wounds and combustion and to repair them slowly.
  • Collagens: Works as highly competitive regenerator of the skin and cell increase, so that the skin becomes smooth and soft. This quality also helps the snails to repair their mussel if it breaks.
  • Elastin: Tightens the skin, by rejuvenating cells, removes folds around the eyes and the lips, pregnancy stripes, scars, etc.
  • Glycolic acidity: It’s an excellent peeling to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the foundation of new skin cells, fights against spots, pregnancy stripes, scars, cellulite, etc.

Wissenschaftlich fundiert

In Zusammenarbeit mit Dr. Janek von Byern von der Universität Wien werden Ende 2016 zwei sehr interessante Forschungsartikel über die Wirksamkeit von Schneckenschleim publiziert.