Wiener Schnecken aus dem Hause Gugumuck


Andreas Gugumuck is a welcome guest at lectures and discussion, a crucial contributor to the development of new innovative strategies and methods in agriculture and to the revival of the Vienna escargot culture, ushering in new directions of Future Food. [Believe in people]

Lectures & Think Tanks

May 17, 2018: Herbo Future Forum with ScienceBuster Helmut FrĂĽhwirt and Molecular Cook Rolf Caviezel

Nov. 23, 2017: 3rd AMA Forum, presentation of the topic of “The Future of Food” on the A1-Ring in Spielberg

March 26, 2017: Show cooking at the Kulinar in Tulln

March 20, 2017: Presentation at Swiss Talk: The Think Tank of Swiss Restaurant Caviezel & Berthoud

March 14, 2017: Show cooking on the stage, Wohnmesse Wien

March 8, 2017: Connoisseur Circle Hospitality Awards 2017at the Sheraton Berlin Grand Esplanade

12/2016 EG Zones Think Tank HAUSFELD, MA 21

11/2016 Symposium of Direct Marketers, HBLFA Schönbrunn – Seckendorff

11/2016  Future of Meat Forum â€“ Futurefoodstudio Vienna

09/2016 Science Convention Discoving New Food Sources,  Zurich, Switzerland

01/2015  Slow Fair Local – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

11/2013  Innovation Talk  â€“ Agrialp trade fair in Bozena, Italy

12/2012  European Congress of Young Farmers â€“ EU Parliament

Swiss Talk: Think Tank der Schweizer Gastronomie & Wissenschaft