Wiener Schnecken aus dem Hause Gugumuck

Schneckencatering in der Wiener Hofburg
Wiener Schnecke gratiniert mir dreierlei Butter
Wiener Schneckenerapfelglasch im Hof-Laden
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Eating snails


Snails first became popular in ancient Rome (750 BC). Together with the expansion of the Roman Empire, escargots as a source of food spread throughout all of Europe. The rise of Christianity and the fasting rules that came with it increased the popularity of escargots and anchored their spot in the cuisine of the Alpine region.

A little known fact: Escargots were a highly popular specialty in Austrian cuisine. Starting in the 18th century, Vienna was considered the ultimate bastion of eating escargots. There was even an escargot market behind the Peterskirche church, where snail vendors sold them under the name of “Viennese oysters”. They were eaten boiled, baked, fried in bacon with wine kraut, and — this may seem surprising — even eaten with sugar.

Today, Vienna Escargots are a Slow Food Ark Product and part of the Culinary Heritage of the Alps.

Schnecken-Verkäuferinnen am Schnecken-Markt Petersplatz.Schneckenverkäuferin am Wiener Schneckenmarkt am Petersplatz. Johann Adolf Opitz um 1810


Vienna Escargot specialties are available at the Farm Shop or online. In addition to our other delicacies, we also sell living snails and sterile snail shells for serving.

Here, you can find more information on our specialty shops, restaurant recommendations, and restaurant products

© Philipp Lipiarski /, Wiener Schnecken in Balsamicozwiebel von Gugumuck, Escargots, neben unseren Schnecken Spezialitäten bieten wir auch Lebendschnecken und Schneckenhäuser ab Hof, oder im Online-Shop anIdeal als kalte Vorspeise "Wiener Schnecken in Balsamico Zwiebel"

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We will also happily lend you an entire set of escargot pans, forks, and a snail cookbook for your exclusive home escargot meal.

In addition to our ready-to-cook escargot, we also sell homemade herb butter here on our farm.

Our Vienna Escargots are even featured in the gourmet tour book Le guide des Gourmands, recommended as a special French delicacy.

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You can now come enjoy our freshly prepared Vienna Escargot in the Gugumuck Farm’s new bistro, with a lovely view of the courtyard and the snail field. Chef Jürgen Winter serves up a delicious and ever-changing 7-course menu.

Our bistro can seats about 28 guests and is only open 3 times a month. We therefore strongly recommend that you make a timely reservation.

Andreas Gugumuck will be there personally to accompany you in this friendly atmosphere through all seven exceptional courses.

Click here for our current menu and to make a reservation.

Bistro am Gugumuck-Hof der Wiener Schnecken-Manufaktur Gugumuck. Hof-Bistro Wiener Schnecken Gugumuck, mit Jürgen Winter, Show Küche, Farm 2 table, Degustationsmenü, familiäre Atmosphäre, Farm 2 fork, Weinbergschnecken