Wiener Schnecken aus dem Hause Gugumuck


Based upon scientific nutritional research, we focus on “species-appropriate” food for humans. The concept is founded on the idea of efficiently and effectively using our limited natural resources. To make this more tangible, a show garden with a Perennial Garden, Mushroom Garden, and Forest Garden is being planted right next to our snail field.

The Future Garden Show Garden, a sustainable, productive ecosystem with a focus on “species-appropriate” food for humans, will show visitors:

—What is “species-appropriate food” for humans?

—What are “perennial vegetables” and what kinds of food have we not yet discovered?

—How and with what means can a sustainable, productive garden be designed?

This is based on scientific research that is summarized quite well in the Wirkkochbuch. We are convinced that sustainable plants, mushrooms, snails, and insects are important foods of the future. Ecologically, physiologically, and scientifically.