Wiener Schnecken aus dem Hause Gugumuck

Our values


Our efficient logistics deliver to the restaurants of Vienna one to two times a week.

For exclusive and sustainable food events and catering services, “Farm-2-Snail Trail”, we chose a food truck with a combustion engine and a homemade trailer built without using aluminum or metal sheeting. The trailer currently exists as a 1:10 model made of clay formed by hand into the shape of a snail shell.

And — naturally — this will be pulled down the road by a sustainable hybrid vehicle.

Food Anhänger, Andreas Gugmuck auf der Schnecken-Farm, riesen Escargot, Weinbergschnecke für Catering, Mit einer geplanten Logistik beliefern wir die Gastronomie ein- bis zweimal á Woche. Für Food Events und Caterings haben wir unseren "Farm-2-Snail-Trail".


Minimizing impacts to our ecology is one of our fundamental precepts. This belief can be seen in how we built the manufactory and do business.
Our production building was constructed using a wood frame method (including the insulation and façade). Wood is a renewable resource that symbolizes tradition and sustainability and is also a very high performing material. During construction, we made sure that no materials containing harmful substances such as PVC, HFKW, SF6, PUR, solvents, or biocides were used.

The interior walls were brushed with lime several times, or applied with the Venetian stucco technique. The floors are made of green rock meal and cement, and upstairs the floor is spruce planks waxed with natural oils.

Credits: Karin Nussbaumer, Schnecken Manufaktur mit Bistro, ökologischer Gedanken, Unternehmenskultur, Holzriegelbau. Pressebilder nur für redaktionelle Zwecke müssen mit der Quellenangabe "" und den Credits versehen sein. Veröffentlichung ist honorarfrei.Schnecken Manufaktur mit Bistro, ökologischer Gedanken, Unternehmenskultur


Vineyard snails are under special conservation in Austria and may not be collected when found wild in nature. At the Gugumuck Farm, we raise the varieties Helix Aspersa Maxima, Helix Aspersa Müller, and Helix Pomatia.

New urban agriculture concepts can provide significant relief to the environment. On the Gugumuck Farm, we are pioneers of escargot farming. Unlike conventional meat production, snails can be produced using very few resources. Since there is no need for concentrated feed mash and no manure is produced, there is also less ozone, less water is used, and the farming area is smaller, all making escargot farming an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional meat production. Snails need 85% less feed than cattle to produce 1 kilogram of meat.

Die Aufzucht der Weinbergschnecken erfolgt naturnahe, ohne Einsatz von Chemie. Wir züchten sie in natürlicher Freilandhaltung nach Permakultur-Konzept und füttern sie mit Pflanzen aus der eigenen Landwirtschaft, mit Suppengrün und mit Bio-Futtermitteln aus einer regionalen Mühle.

Ecological innovation and sustainable food supply management

Our food supply system is characterized by complex relationships between different areas. This includes the agricultural production of food as well as its processing, packaging, transport, and sale, and goes all the way to eating and disposing of the waste.

We are dedicated to developing practicable food concepts that are highly compatible with the environment and can carry us into the future. We see continual improvements to our development process as an integral part of our business concept and culture.

Andreas Gugumuck is a partner in the Eco-Innovation Qualification Seminar of the FH Vienna, which educates about application-oriented approaches to the topic of “Assessment and Improvement of Product and Process Sustainability”.

Nachhaltig Permakultur Waldgarten Kräutergarten für Weinbergschnecken, Escargots auf der Stadtlandwirtschaft. Öko Innovation ist ein großes Anliegen. Ernährungskonzepte entwickeln, die durch hohe Umweltverträglichkeit auszeichnet sind. Entwicklungsprozess und Teil unserer Unternehmenskultur im Lebensmittelmanagement.