Wiener Schnecken aus dem Hause Gugumuck

Our values

The Gugumuck Farm is dedicated to sustainable development and the careful and effective use of our limited natural resources. The use of renewable materials and minimization of our ecological footprint is an important concern for Andreas Gugumuck and his entire team. The goal of our company development is to continually improve our conservation of resources in both agriculture and manufacturing, thus ensuring that our operations are always as sustainable as possible.

New ideas in urban agriculture like those that we live and develop here on our snail farm have the potential to significantly reduce environmental impacts. Unlike traditional meat production, snails can be grown with minimal use of resources.

Nachhaltig Permakultur Waldgarten Kr├Ąutergarten f├╝r Weinbergschnecken, Escargots auf der Stadtlandwirtschaft. Der Gugumuck-Hof ist gepr├Ągt vom Gedanken der nachhaltigen Entwicklung einer sparsamen und effektiven Nutzung begrenzter nat├╝rlicher Ressourcen. nachhaltigen Gedanken, ├Âkologischer Effekte sind uns ein Anliegen.