Wiener Schnecken aus dem Hause Gugumuck


Dive into the world of snails together with Andreas Gugumuck. Come to his farm in Oberlaa and learn why Vienna was once a worldwide escargot metropolis, how highly sustainable their production is, and how they can be made into a delicious Future Food.

We have developed a special program for HLW and HBLA students with an emphasis on tourism (young sommeliers), nutrition, and farming.

At the Gugumuck Farm, students will playfully learn about sustainable farming, raising escargots, and nutrition. We cook, research, and put on a quiz show in teams. We make snail shell magnets as a souvenir, and the culinary high point is cooking and eating escargot specialties together.

Duration: 3.5 hours
Costs: € 12.00/student, € 15.00 for young sommelier classes with an additional tasting of Wiener Gemischten Satz wine.

Eine Schule beim Basteln einer Magnet-Schnecke in Oberlaa am Bauernhof Gugumuck. Auf seinem Bauernhof in Oberlaa erfährt ihr wie nachhaltig die Zucht ist und wie daraus ein delikates Future-Food wird. Wien war auch Schneckenmetropole.Schüler beim Basteln einer Magnetschnecke