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Our Team


Nothing about Andreas ever hinted that he would someday become a farmer. But one thing was clear as day ‚Äď when he got something into his head, he carried it through with utmost perseverance and commitment. Once a lifeguard, techno producer, and Wiener welterweight boxing champ, today he is the ‚ÄúEscargot King of Rothneusiedl‚ÄĚ.

Andreas is a designated heir of the Culinary Heritage of the Alps society and a welcome guest at numerous events such as the Slow Fair Local, Innovation Talk at Show Agrilap, the European Congress of Young Farmers, and university lectures.




Dominik is a chef and product developer with body and soul. After successfully completing his chef training (graduating with honors) at gourmet restaurant Hanner in Mayerling, he continued down this path to work at only the finest cooking establishments. In 2008, he won the renowned Amuse Bouche competition, and was one of the finalists of the Rookie of the Year competition for apprentices. Dominik refined his special touch over several years as a young chef in the Eisvogel Inn in the Vienna Prater and later as Chef de Partie during the establishment of vegetarian restaurant Yamm in the first district of Vienna. He cooked exquisite Austrian cuisine for three years as a chef at the ‚ÄúZum alten Beisl‚ÄĚ Inn in the 10th district.

Dominik has been the chef and production manager of development and manufacturing for the Vienna Escargot Manufactory since 2015. He is a certified hygiene manager of the T√úV Austria Vienna Academy and ensures stringent hygiene standards in every step of our operations. His special passion for cooking can be experienced on selected days of the month in our Farm Bistro, where he plans and prepares unique and delicious multi-course escargot meals.